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Sweet Seduction: Smell Like Candy

Want to smell like something that needs to be devoured? Check out these fragrances to get your desired outcome! 


Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42 by Kayali 

This is a new release from the makeup brand Huda Beauty’s sister company Kayali. The inspiration for this release was in fact hard candy. The best way to think of the scent is rock candy. Super sugary and sweet, this scent is very captivating. The listed notes are vanilla cream, candied pears and rock candy. In addition to the wonderful scent, the bottle is also beautiful. It has the classic geometric shape with the diamond/crystal top, but the bottle is like an iridescent purple and would look amazing in your collection or on the vanity. 


Cassiopea by Tiziana Terenzi 

Inspired by Greek mythology and the constellation that shares the same name, this fragrance is sweet and out of this world. With notes of passionfruit, lemon, cassis, tonka bean and musk, this olfactive experience is delicious. The extrait de perfume is classified as a chypre floral but is sweet like a classic bag of Jolly Rancher candy. To keep this scent lasting even longer, layer it with body wash and body lotion. 


Mood Ring by Phlur 

While we are on the theme of smelling like candy, Phlur, a clean brand located at Sephora, has a fairly new fragrance by the name of Mood Ring. This lovely fragrance is composed of notes that include jasmine, musks, sweet orange and fruit gummies. This clean fragrance will transport you back to the moment in childhood eating gummy LifeSavers. 


Love Don’t Be Shy by Kilian Paris 

Urban legend has it that Rihanna smells like this fragrance. Notes of marshmallow, neroli and orange blossom shot this perfume into its own level of super stardom. To some, this fragrance is super sweet, to the point it may be cloying. Others that love a sweet, sugary scent cannot get enough of it. Due to its popularity, and cult-like following, there have been additional variations of the now iconic scent, but nothing is like the original. 

Which one are you picking up next? Let us Know!


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