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Leah Gordone

A social media influencer and advocate for Black women, Leah Gordone is a YouTuber that commands an audience of over 230,000 subscribers. With millions of views on her videos, she produces content that highlights Black women’s issues. Gordone is also an educator, published writer, editor, correspondent, content creator, and mentor. Originally from Fayetteville, NC she graduated from Fayetteville State University with a Bachelors in Communications/Speech before moving to Atlanta, GA to pursue a career in media. Gordone started out on YouTube as a college vlogger and later transitioned to produce videos that focused on hair and beauty. During that time, she also worked as a media personality and the owner of Budget Beauty, an affordable online retail business, that sold beauty products.


At the beginning of 2018, Gordone started her own cosmetics company, Gordone Cosmetics, which offered a collection of premium quality, cruelty-free, and affordable cosmetics to women of color. The brand carried lipsticks, lip glosses, color palettes, and eyeshadows. The same year, she graduated with her Masters in Education for School Counseling from Liberty University. In 2019, Gordone began her Ph.D. program in Higher Education Administration at Liberty University. That year, she decided to completely transform her YouTube channel from beauty and hair, to pursue her passion for highlighting Black women’s issues. Gordone since created BROWNGIRLSLINKUP, a mentorship organization, to provide young women and college-aged girls with the resources and knowledge that are necessary to succeed. 

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