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Make It Last: Get Your Scents to Last Longer

Here are tips to get the most from your fragrance 


The first step in getting your scent to last long is to start off with fresh clean skin. Taking a shower basically is the base for good longevity. As odd as it sounds, some people really don't take this step, but it makes all the difference. To get the most bang for your buck, use a scented shower gel that is either the fragrance you will be wearing or share a similar fragrance note. For most designer fragrances, there will be a body wash for the fragrance. Worst case, the fragrance does not have a designated bod wash, you can go for a Non scented wash. Another great tip would be to exfoliate either with a scrub, such as a sugar scrub or with the usage of an African net/washcloth.  


After the skin has been cleansed and freed from debris, the layering process can start. The skin will need to be moisturized. Just like body wash, if the desired fragrance has a wash, it most likely will have a body lotion. It is also likely that the fragrance may have a body cream too, which is thicker and ideal for those with dryer skin. You can also go for unscented body oil too. 


The last step is to apply your fragrance. In all honesty, the best places to spray your fragrance will be on your pulse points, so your wrists and behind your ears. Some will even suggest behind your knees, or in the middle of your chest. The goal is to spray enough to create a nice scent bubble. You may have to limit sprays, depending on where you will be going. 


BONUS: You can also reach for a hair mist to spritz in your hair. It's best to reach for those that are alcohol free. Another great tip to increase the longevity of your fragrance would be a scented hand cream. With these items in your fragrance wardrobe, you will smell good all day long! 

Writer: J Holloway 📷: Getty Image — Follow more at #BlackGirlNews @itsblackgirlnews 


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