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FENTY Hair is Here!

Get ready for a new Fenty Experience!

We all love our hair and will use many products to achieve certain looks and styles. From complicated to simple, hair care products are a must! However, how many of them serve more than one single purpose? Luckily for us, Rihanna is giving the people something different to still get those looks.

Fenty Hair is cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free and silicone free. Free from all of that,

but has everything you could want in your hair care. The goal is to repair the hair at every step with every product. Fenty Hair has a proprietary ingredient known as Replenicore-5. Replenicore-5 is used to repair, strengthten, hydrate, protect the hair from the cuticle to the ends. With use, split ends will be repaired and future ends will be protected. This unique ingredient is made of Barbados Gooseberries, jackfruit, green tea extract, amino acids and vegetable proteins.

Currently on the website, you can buy in a bundle or you can purchase the products alone. Every step of the hair care process is addressed, even handling the edges.


The Rich One Shampoo is the hydrating shampoo that is good for all hair types and is safe for hair with dye/color. It can also be used while detangling the hair and will leave the hair clean and silky.

The Rich One Conditioner is a conditioner used after the shampoo that can also hydrate and repair the hair. Upon initial contact with the hair, the conditioner adds moisture without undesired weight and reducess frizz. For a deeper level of conditioning, The Rich One Deep Conditioner is a way to get nourished hair with less product, still resulting in stronger, shiny healthier hair.


After the hair has been washed and conditioned,you will have options for styling your hair. In the event you want to rock your natural curls, The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream would be the best option. There will be no frizz, yet your curls will be soft and defined. If you want to add some heat to your hair to get it straight, give The Protective Type Heat Protectant cream a try. Free some silcone, this cream, will protect your hair when heat is added to change your hair for temperatures under 450 degrees. Also, it will be replenished with Replenticore-5.

To keep things in place, you can even for the strong hold hair gel, The Gelly Type and tame edges with The Controlling Type.

Will you be adding Fenty Hair to your routine?


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