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Remove the Make-Up!

There are multiple ways to remove the day from your face. Whether you are wearing a full face of makeup or just sunscreen, you still must properly clean your face. A proper and thorough cleaning will ensure that your skin remains at its peak. Below, we will discuss and learn about the different options to clean the face in the first step, which is the removal step. The best way to make sure your skin is clean and ready for your skincare is with the double cleanse method. The first step is to remove the first layer on your face and the second step is to actually clean the face with a cleanser. 



This is one of the classic ways of removing makeup. This cream is soft and very lotion like. You simply get your desired amount and work it into the skin in a circular motion. Once the makeup looks smeared or if the sunscreen feels broken down, remove the cold cream with tissue or a large cotton round and follow up with your normal facial wash. 



Using makeup removal wipes was all the rage a few years ago. They were convenient and helped with removing makeup and debris from the face. Granted you can still use them, but understand the face is still not “clean” even if you use multiple wipes and your face looks clean. They have come under fire due to them containing ingredients that may cause irritation to the skin and not being good for the planet. However, if that's all you have, use them and follow up with a good face wash. 



A staple in the Asian skincare world, a cleansing oil or balm is the fastest and best way to start the double cleanse method that will lead to clean skin. The balm is solid at first, but changes to a liquefied state when warmed in the hands before applying them to the face to remove debris, sunscreen or makeup. A cleansing oil is already liquid that is pumped into the hands and then applied to the face to breakdown the contents. For both cleansers, water will need to be applied to help in the removal process, which will give a milky appearance before rinsing off. Once this is completed, following up with a desired facial cleanser will help fully clean the face. 


This is the best option for light days or very sensitive skin. The fluid looks like water, but it has microscopic oil particles that help break up and remove dirt. Some say you will need to wash your face afterwards like normal or you can just move one after cleansing with the micellar water. All you do is just place on a cotton round and swipe the face. 


It's all up to you to pick the method of makeup removal. Personally, its best to have all of them available just in case. Once you remove the first layer of makeup or dirt on your skin, to fully clean your face, a face wash will be needed. Then once the face is clean, you can follow up with the rest of your routine. 


What’s your favorite first method of removing the day? 

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