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Post-Graduation Options for Those Who are 'Adult World Bound' with No Plans

What started as a way to give students an opportunity to have a break from school before entering the "real world" has now become a steppingstone to continued homesteading with mom and dad. Some graduates decide to take a year off to find themselves, volunteer, or travel. Being #AdultBound creates a way to inch out into the real world IF you have the option.

There are now programs designed that offer this opportunity in a coordinated way. #OutwardBound We are often more comfortable exploring these options when we are taking part in a program where it is already designed. The good and bad outcomes have already been explored. Who said #internships are just for college students? Interested in making a career change often times engaging in an internship will allow you to see what it would be like to pursue this industry.

Other ideas for #postgraduation plans can be to regroup at home, further your education, taking a gap year, becoming a research assistant, or finding #volunteer opportunities. #TeachforAmerica #AmeriCorps #VolunteerAbroad #Volunteerhq

The adult world is all about #networking. You will have the opportunity to become involved in many avenues.  Why are you interested in this?  What are you looking to learn?  How can you be an asset?  You will begin to look at your different associates and their groups differently.  Who do you know and how can they be of assistance to you? How can you be of #assistance to them is always a great way to approach these new relationship opportunities. 

Image: Pond5

Writer: Ednisha Knighten @Ednishathewriter — Follow more at Black Girl News @itsblackgirlnews 


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