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Career goals not working?

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You used to love drawing and video games. You believed the combination of both would prepare you for a successful career in game design. Great ideas and dreams did not transfer into the realities of today. Where can I get a job? Is #GameStop hiring? We do not always plan future #career goals successfully.

That does not mean your efforts should be thwarted. Instead of highlighting a completed degree, choose to shine the light on the courses you have taken. If the job does not require a transcript, focus on the concepts that you have learned.

#Career paths may shift and change as we gain experience in the field. You may decide that instead of the idea of game design, you choose to focus on the idea of digital media. Both careers can build off each other. There are aspects that you would be able to apply to both.

Taking a career interest quiz can always prove helpful! It can help you identify your areas of strength and even present more options you had considered. Try the career finder test or the #Princeton Review. These are online aptitude quizzes that may impact your career decisions. Consider the demand of this career. Are there jobs available? Is it popular? Do I need more information?

Consider doing an internship. This can be very useful to companies that are in the industry you are seeking to work in. It never hurts to ask.

Focus on the transferrable skills that you have. For any role that you are in, make a

commitment to learn as much as you can to not only utilize in that role, but any position in the future.

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