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Who is in your group? Finding what makes you click

Growing up we didn't always consider what #friendship would look like as an adult. If you stayed in the same area for most of your life, you may have grown up with your classmates. If you often changed schools, your friendships also changed. If you were a #military family, you knew the importance of a #stamp!

Forming healthy relationships is important. They can develop from your college friends, coworkers, activities you are involved in, and the developing relationships from there. Your neighborhood interactions are also relationships. Choose your group wisely. This choice can dictate future interactions.

#Alumni groups are always around. Location groups are also appealing. Where you are from is part of your identity. You may begin to socialize with others that are from the region you are from because there is a familiarity there. You understand the lingo. You understand the unspoken customs. Things are just done that way; no explanation is needed.

What are your groups? What are the similarities? What brought you together? There are groups such as #MomsofTeenagers, #Blackdancemoms or #Blackwomennetworking. What do you like and look for others who like the same things. Book clubs can be social groups where you can connect with others. Maybe a writing club will give you an opportunity to engage with others. Create a group if you can't find one that already exists.


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