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When should I start looking for scholarships?

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It is NEVER too early to begin looking for #scholarships to fund your #future educational choices. Did you know that many scholarships do NOT require you to be a senior in high school or even admitted to a university? Try searching for awards for middle school students. Often times, these awards will require #writing an essay. Some scholarships may require a testament of the activities that you are involved in. Sing in the church choir? Collect clothes to be given to the #needy? What are the #stories that can be shared about your #activities.

Try to be #involved with MORE than just going to school.  Making good grades is important, but schools and employers are looking for well-rounded future members of their teams.  Study hard and add more to your life resume.  Participating in sports may teach you the importance of teamwork.  Being senior class #president may show the importance of communication and cooperation with others.  Organizing a community event shows a focus on helping others.  Joining student organizations is a great way to gain leadership skills and meet others potential letter of #recommendations.

There are many scholarships that are available.  Try looking under and creating a profile.  Try applying for your favorite food company’s community organization’s scholarship.  What social organizations is your family members of?  Do not only apply for the national scholarships , but also the organization’s local and state chapters.  Often no one applies and they are forced to not award the funding. 

What do you plan to choose as a major?  What are the local organizations that DO the work in this major field of study's industry.  Plan to work at a newspaper?  Have you contacted the National Association of Black Journalists?  Did you know that there may be a local chapter of this organization?  These are all scholarship opportunities.  Substitute your area of interest in your search.

Check out the following::

You don't have to wait until you are IN college to apply. Check out the following awards:

Never stop looking! After you get to college, continue #applying for additional funding.

Writer: Ednisha Knighten @Ednishathewriter — Image: — Follow more at Black Girl News @itsblackgirlnews 


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