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What are your plans for the Summer?


Kick off the summer with celebrations and fun.  June 19 or #Juneteenth is a national holiday now!  I have ALWAYS celebrated Juneteenth.  My family is from #Texas so it has always been a holiday to be celebrated.  I was used to the weird expressions I would get from classmates as I explained a new black history fact that was rarely discussed.  We created a Texas club where we were stationed.  Big Red was the drink of choice.


Where will your summer plans lead you?  It depends on who you are making plans for.  Solo expeditions are always a nice idea, but trips with friends can lead to many unspoken memories.  Have you looked at what's near you?  Visiting local parks, hiking trails, or historic places and spark conversations with locals.


Are there children that you will need to make plans for?  The YMCA always has programs and many community groups plan summer programs.  Look in your #county of residence.  It may surprise what you find.  There are community organizations as well as churches that plan summer programming for children.  Don't let the summer months slide by.  Try to incorporate a bit of reading or writing with the fun.


Have you ever taken a #daytrip?  Not too far but it's a little more than just down the street.  Maybe check out the newest #Buc-ees.  See what state parks are right around you.  There may be a local farmers market!  Do you have water nearby?  Maybe plan a visit to the beach or lake.


Making special plans for this summer's special someone?  Take advantage and make it a cost-effective experience.  Plan a picnic in the park with sparkling champagne.  A nice assortment of vegetables or the ends of last week's bread to feed to local wildlife.  #Reuse


Summer is a great time to reinvent yourself.  Do something you've always wanted to do.


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