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Ready to take off...

Image: El Pais

Imani had always dreamed of visiting the continent of Africa. As a gift to herself, Imani bought a ticket for a flight at the end of next year. There was a huge sale! Only one thing will put the trip on a layover. She doesn't have a -passport! Uh-oh!

New professionals are considering calling another country home, at least for a little while. Travel has always been something many thought. Have you ever taken a cruise? Usually, the time on the ship feels like it is over before it has begun. Imagine taking a cruise for a month! Some are taking the option of no longer living IN America but ON a #cruise ship.

Did you know that that was an option? In fact, you can choose to #liveonacruisepermanently! Ever considered the option of the never ending #vacation?

Cruises are fun. Some people pick a favorite cruise line and take all their trips on the same line of ships! #Disney, #Carnival, or #RoyalCarribean to name a few of the most popular. Can't afford a cruise on an ocean? You can always choose a #river cruise! They are shorter and the water is calmer. They are closer and may be cheaper, too!

Do you have a passport? Everyone should make it a priority to get one! You never know what may happen in this everchanging nation regardless of your political affiliations. A passport verifies your identity and nationality in case you decide to choose another country of residency.

Having a passport means your travel destinations are limitless. Not only can Imani visit Africa, she can board a cruise ship to visit other countries. Maybe she will head to Australia next! She always loved koalas

Image: Readers Digest


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