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Ole Miss Student Expelled from Fraternity After Racist Behavior Towards A Black Woman During Pro Palestine Protest

Image Source: Valueainment

OXFORD, Miss. - Shocking footage from a pro-Palestine protest at Ole Miss shows a student making ape noises and gestures at a Black woman. The controversial clip has thrust the University of Mississippi into the national spotlight.

Hundreds of students gathered for a town hall meeting Monday night to discuss what happened.

Chancellor Glenn Boyce said in a statement that the university’s leadership is investigating the student’s conduct.

The student’s fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, announced he is no longer a member, writing:

"Phi Delta Theta General Headquarters is aware of the video regarding the student protest at the University of Mississippi. The racist actions in the video were those of an individual and are antithetical to the values of Phi Delta Theta and the Mississippi Alpha chapter. The responsible individual was removed from membership on Friday, May 3."

The statement was later amended to remove the word “racist” and the reference to when the student was removed.

Since the video surfaced, a slew of campus organizations, including the Ole Miss NAACP branch, called for the student’s expulsion.

“I think this young man should be held accountable every step of the way for his actions; in his career, if it has to go into the afterlife, then that too,” A’Davion Bush, the group’s justice chair, said.

Image Source: Antonella Rescigno / The Daily Mississippian via AP

Writer: @rayvensierraa--Source:FOX13


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