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How are you getting there?

Do you ever have to think HOW you will arrive to a destination? Do you not have a ride to the airport for your upcoming flight? Does no one want to pick you up from the airport? These are common questions that you are faced with in scheduling LIFE adventures. Try arranging #HERide instead.

There are subtle differences in the transportation decision. Users can choose between #Lyft, #Uber, or a taxi to name a few. Drivers undergo a safety evaluation and background check. Drivers are paid accordingly to the platform used in booking.  Drivers are also paid in distance they are traveling. 

There are different types of rides you can arrange. If you are traveling with 4 or more, you may want a bigger car. You can select that! If you are not in rush and want to save money, you may choose a shared ride where you will pick up additional travelers that are headed to a destination that is close to your specified stop. #HERide was created after many complaints numerous people of color have shared. A huge difference is HERide drivers are #women.  The main goal of the app is to “prioritize women’s safety as they seek #transportation.”  These drivers are also paid at a higher rate than other ride share competitors.  For women that would be more comfortable with a female driver this presents an acceptable option for them.  They are opening up their #maps to expand where they may operate. It is always a good choice in scheduling airport rides!

Writer: Ednisha Knighten @Ednishathewriter — Image:  — Follow more at Black Girl News @itsblackgirlnews 


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