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Is Hip Hop Culture The Most Disrespectful To Black Women?

Over the past few months, and even the past few weeks, Hip-Hop has been at the forefront of mainstream media news and online discourse. This discourse has been surrounded by some scathing diss tracks between two major rap artists and heinous accusations among popular figures.

Kendrick Lamar and Drake have recently traded songs back and forth and all the songs make accusations towards women. In Kendrick’s “meet the grahams” and his now hit-song “Not Like Us”, he accuses Drake of dealing with underage girls. In Drake’s “Family Matters”, he accuses Lamar of beating his wife. One must wonder how come women’s potential trauma is being used as jabs in songs, when neither artist has shown any interest in the past advocating for victims.

Additionally, one can look at the accusations of Diddy and how for years there have been accusations and major lawsuits. However, it wasn't until a video came out that people finally were able to say they wanted to part ways with him and “denounce him”. Even when the major lawsuit from Cassie came out, many people were more concerned with the gay allegations than the fact that Cassie accused him of assaulting her multiple times.

 After all these things have happened over the past few months, people should at least give a side-eye to hip- hop culture and maybe think about the things artists and even consumers can do to change it.

Writer:@rayvensierraa--📸, GQ,Newsweek --Follow More at #BlackGirlNews @itsblackgirlnews


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