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Inside Grammy-Nominated Spice's Release Party for "Round Round"

On June 27th Grammy-nominated dancehall artist, #Spice (@spiceofficial), had the release party for her latest single “Round Round '' featuring # BustaRhymes and produced by Keron Young. The party was at #Venue 338 (@venue_338) in Downtown Atlanta, and the dress code for the party was cowboy themed. From the guests, to even the bartender, everyone was dressed in their best cowboy hats and boots. Once you walked into the venue, guests were immediately captivated by the mechanical bull present in the corner of the venue. There was also an area where people could take one of those selfie videos where the phone revolves around you, as well as an open bar right next to it.

Recently, Spice released her latest single, “2085 Tea” on June 13th. The song is Spice’s most vulnerable to date and it talks about her journey as a woman in the industry and rumors about her career. Additionally, Spice is celebrating 25 years in the music industry this year by releasing her new album “Mirror 25’” which will come out later this summer. In her new song, #RoundRound, it is a blend of dancehall with country elements. This single marks a new direction for Spice to experiment with music to gain a more diverse audience, while also sticking to her dancehall roots.

The song is also paired with a music video, directed by Sergio Parra, where Spice and Busta Rhymes are in a barn-like setting with cowgirl dancers.  It is a perfect song to go with the vibes of the summer and can even be a great club song for the nightlife scene. I had the pleasure of speaking with Spice and I asked her what the creative process was like working with Busta Rhymes. She says he told her to just “do your thing boss lady”, and she goes on to say, “he guided me through the whole process, so I’m grateful.” I then asked her what advice she has for any Black Women who want to be in the entertainment industry and she said “Stay true to yourself, be consistent, make sure to work hard, don’t ever let society make you feel like you have to look a certain way…”

Writer:@rayvensierraa--📸Jakeem Smith, Spice --Follow More at #BlackGirlNews @itsblackgirlnews


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