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Fragrances For The Favorite Lady In Your Life

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Here are some suggestions to gift her below! 


For the Classic Mom 

One cannot go wrong with a classic scent for a classic lady. A mix of powder and florals give a touch of elegance that is very signature scent worthy. Chanel No 5 is the go-to fragrance for a reason. It takes the crown as the most sold fragrance around the world, and for good reason. Since it’s introduction, a bottle is always sold. If the mother or mother figure in your life likes florals, powder and a hint of civet, this will be the fragrance to get her. There are so many variations, but you can never go wrong with the orginal. 


For the Ultra-Feminine Mom 

If she loves all things lacey, pink and girly, Delina will be the best option. Granted, the price is a little expensive, but it will be worth it to wow her. A delicious mix or lychee, rose and rhubarb, Delina will leave a lasting impression. Great on it’s own, but even better when layered with the shower gel and body cream. She will be the envy of everyone at the luncheons she attends. 


For the Cool Yet Busy Mom 

Momma is so fresh, so clean! Loved by all but always busy running around making everything look effortless needs a perfume that is good, multi purpose and easy to reach for when in a rush. Baccarat Rouge 540 is the one! Do not be put off by social media saying everyone smells like it because that is just not true! A beautifal saffron scent with amber and musk, this will be a hit! A few sprays of this luxurious juicy will go a long way and she will always think of you! 


For the Simple and Easy Mom 

One thing about the simple and easy person is they like things that are effortless. Very much someone that likes something easy and no fuss while still leaving a good impression. For this one, go with the cult classic Kayali Vanilla 28. Vanilla is a very veristile note that is loved by so many and can fit any occation.  


There is no better way to treat the mom or mother figure in your life than with the gift of scent. Life-long memoeries will be created and the scents will be crowd pleasing. If you do not know which fragrance to get, giftcards and cash always work, but perfume would be perfect! 


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