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Enhance Your Spring/Summer Glow

As the heat increases, the layers go away, and skin gets a chance to shine. To get the ultimate glow, follow these steps below! You may even have some items mentioned to help you already. Let's get started! 



Please make sure you are drinking your water. Most of your body is made of water and it's just good for you. Dehydration can make you look and feel tired. You can keep it plain or use a flavor enhancer, just make sure you are hydrated. 



Keep it cute by keeping it clean. You probably already have your favorite facial wash and body wash. No need to go shopping, you can use them in the effort to glow. If you do feel the need to get something new, consider getting the following: 

  • An exfoliating body wash (usually a glycolic acid body wash or sugar scrub wash) 

  • Exfoliating gloves or exfoliating wash cloth/African net 

  • Sugar or salt scrub 

The bodywash is to clean the skin and exfoliating helps remove the dead and dull skin from your body. The same steps can be used for your face too: wash and exfoliate, but with products appropriate for the face. 



The next step is to moisturize the face and body with either cream or oil. That is mainly just a personal preference. We want to make sure the new skin is fresh and supple. The glow of moisturized skin is unbeatable.  

SPF is your friend! Sunscreen will help you maintain good skin health. Also, spf can help reduce your risk of skin cancer. When your skin is not protected, it can be damaged by the harsh rays of the sun, which could lead to a more “aged” appearance. For your face, it is recommended to go for a spf of 30 UV protection. You can also use that for the body too. In addition to the protection from the spf, reduce the amount of time in direct sunlight. 



From sitting on the beach to being on a yacht, it's time to show off your glow. Now that the routine is down, it's time to show off and showcase. Anything with glitter or pigment to luminate the body should be used. Great for daytime and magical for those night activities. 


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