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Doctor Is Denied Condo In Virginia Beach Because Of Racism

An African-American woman’s quest to buy a pricey condo near the Virginia Beach Oceanfront – impeded by the white homeowner’s refusal because of her race – is just the latest example.

The bias Raven Baxter faced, detailed in a recent article in The New York Times, was only unusual in this way:

Jane Walker, 84, candidly told her agent why she didn’t want Baxter, a molecular biologist and social media maven with a quarter-million online followers, to buy the condo. Housing rights officials say discriminatory homeowners and landlords frequently use subtle methods or mask the real reasons why they don’t want people to move in.

In the Virginia Beach transaction, however, the unspoken part was said out loud: Walker didn’t want to sell to a Black person.

The incident got tons of publicity because Baxter wrote about it on X (formerly Twitter), where she has more than 165,000 followers. She also has her own website, Dr. Raven the Science Maven

“I think that because we’ve come so far in history, we think that things can’t happen anymore,” Baxter, 30, told me this week. “And we forget racism isn’t something that we just leave in the past. It’s something that can pop up at any time.”

Writer:@rayvensierraa--Source: Virginia Mercury 📸:Getty Images, The New York Times -Follow More at #BlackGirlNews @itsblackgirlnews


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