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Day parties are the new norm

Did you know He came? Will She be there? Who is coming? Parties are starting earlier and earlier. Events do not need to have a gown and stilettos for the perfect night entrance. Parties are starting before the streetlights come on! The vibe depends on where you choose to venture.

Day parties are the new norm. Occurring on local #rooftop clubs or local #cafes. Some feature all-day #brunch menus or #halfpricemimosas. The parties are held during the typical happy hour at a local bar or eatery like Creatwood Tavern. Spotlight on the cuisine of the eatery is the highlight of the event! Check out McCray's Tavern. Ever been on a rooftop? There are day parties where that is the focus. Try Greenhaus Day Club Rooftop Day party or Azotea Cantina.

Want a brunch menu? Try Suite Lounge. There are parties where that is the highlight! Want an evening at the museum happy hour events occur there as well! Imagine strolling through the open exhibits as you engage in your beverage of choice.

Have you picked out your outfit for the festivities? Sundresses are always a win! There are parties where you attire outlines the entire event. All white parties or shades of yellow? The Black Women of Cobb County are planning an All White event later this month.

What festivals are you planning to attend? Jazz Festivals, Taste of..., or Botanical Gardens are great options to incorporate into your plans. Beer and Wine festivals or local plays at the amphitheater are great options to try,.


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