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Brittney Griner Talks About Her Experience In New memoir After Being Detained By Russia

In February of 2022, Griner was in Russia playing in the country’s women’s basketball league. As she was leaving in the airport, less than a gram of cannabis oil. She was then arrested and sentenced to nine years in jail after pleading guilty to drug charges.

She was then released on December 8, 2022 as a part of an exchange with Russia for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.  On May 7th, Griner published her memoir “Coming Home”, which was written with Michelle Burford. T would describe what her experience was like while being imprisoned.

 In the book, she details the mistreatment she faced while being imprisoned and how it affected her mental health. She talks about how it affected her relationship with her wife and her family. Griner is now back to playing in the WNBA and is now expecting a son with her wife, Cherelle.



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