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Angela Alsobrooks Could Have A Historic U.S. Senate Win

Angela Alsobrooks has just won the US Senate Democratic Primary for the state of Maryland. She won against opponent David Trone, a three-term representative, who had the most expensive primary run in Maryland state history , with at least $60 million dollars spent.

If Alsobrooks wins the Maryland U.S. Senate seat, she will be the third Black Woman in American history to be elected to the Senate and the first Black Senator in Maryland. The first Black Woman elected in the U.S. Senate was Carol Moseley Braun in 1993. There have only been 11 Black U.S. Senate history.

Alsobrooks will face former Governor Larry Hogan, who is more known as a moderate Republican. She also has the backing of many prominent Democratic figures including Maryland Governor, Wes Moore.

Writer:@rayvensierraa--📸:Getty Images, Kent Nishimura--Follow More at #BlackGirlNews @itsblackgirlnews


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