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Adulting dos and don'ts...buying a car

Image: Bankrate

It's time. This is the third time Jenny has broken down and made you late for work. You need another #car. This is a big step. Consider the following steps as you move to purchase another mode of #transportation.

#Do's and don'ts when #purchasing a car

  • New or used car? How much of a #downpayment can you afford?

  • Know your #numbers. What can you afford?

  • What are your #needs? How many people are you transporting? Do your kids need extra room for musical instruments or extracurricular products?

  • Consider a #used car. #Car Max is a great starting point.

  • Check the #CarFax! Who was this vehicle's last partner? What history can we uncover checking out the report?

  • #Test Drive! Can you handle this car? Too much power? Do the brakes need to be tightened?

  • Get the car #inspected!

  • Be prepared to buy! Do you have a #license? Do you have the financing paperwork? Do you have #insurance? Do you have the #registration documents? Do you have the #deposit?

Buying a car is a big step that should be approached #methodically. Ask for #help and have someone go with you to inspect the vehicle. Two sets of eyes are always better than one. Once you make the best choice for yourself Look at your #budget again. You will want to be sure you include monthly maintenance expenses to keep your car running at its best. Be prepared on this new part of your #journey.

These questions are important for you to consider as you move to make this purchase. I offer these as questions YOU should ask yourself. I am very methodical in most of my decision making and often examine the pros and cons of each decision I am weighing. I am sad to see Jenny go, but now we can start the journey of Jenny 2.0

Image: Lithia Motors Inc.


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