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A Mom of Six Is Shot In Drive-By Shooting While Sleep

Latasha Cureton, from Gastonia, North Carolina,  was killed in a drive-by shooting in her sleep, while her Mother and Children were watching TV in the living room.  Her Mother, children and people who were witnesses have said that they initially thought the shooting were fireworks. Her daughter told Queen City News, “It was like being like an explosion, we thought it was a loud bang like something fell in the kitchen all of a sudden, it was multiple bangs like fireworks but then it got louder and louder. We ran and took cover and covered up the babies.”

Cureton’s home is now covered in bullets on the door, windows and walls. The Gastonia Police canvassed the neighborhood on June 11th and looked through camera footage but nothing has come up yet. There were about 30 to 40 bullet holes that were reported to have been shot at her house.

Cureton was planning a wedding before she was tragicelly killed. Her daughter told Queen City News, “I pray that if anyone knows anything, I pray that God pricks your heart to come forward and let the truth be revealed. No one has to know anything. Just come forward. God convict him.” If anyone knows anything, the Gaston Police are asking that people call Crimestoppers of Gaston County at 704-861-8000.

Writer:@rayvensierraa--📸Cureton Family--Follow More at #BlackGirlNews @itsblackgirlnews


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